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    WHFY distributes over 10,000 pairs of free earplugs at music venues, festivals and special events annually!

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    WHFY educates over 100,000 people nationwide annually about noise exposure, noise-induced hearing loss, and hearing conservation!

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    WHFY provides referrals for hearing screenings, custom musicians’ earplugs, earphones and earplugs for all ages!

a non-profit organization providing earplugs and hearing loss education to the music community since 2009


We’re hEAR For You (WHFY) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to increase the awareness of noise-induced hearing loss, hearing loss prevention, and the use of earplugs among the music community.

Protect Your Ears

Noise exposure accounts for much of hearing loss in adults and has been noted as a primary factor in hearing loss in young adults and adolescents. Recreational and community noise exposure can lead to high frequency hearing loss and tinnitus.


We’re hEAR For You currently provides
FREE earplugs to a growing number of
venues in the following cities:
Athens, Georgia – Atlanta, Georgia -
Nashville, Tennessee

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