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Shaky Beats 2016

  We'll be at the first annual Shaky Beats festival in...

Shaky Knees 2016

We're excited to return to Shaky Knees this year to provide...

Be Hear Now: Hearing Protection Is Music’s Future

Noise induced hearing loss is poised to become the next major public health crisis, having a profound impact not just on professionals at every level of the music business but on all music fans who support them with dedication and dollars. Recent Harvard studies have found that post-gig ringing ears and muffled sounds most concertgoers experience for hours or even days doesn’t simply disappear but is a marker of permanent nerve damage and the first sign of irreversible hearing loss. Yet this devastating disability is completely preventable by limiting exposure and using protection. But whose responsibility is it to educate and encourage friends, fans and co-workers to practice safe sound? - See more at:

Athfest 2014

We're excited to attend our 5th annual Athfest Music & Arts...

Wakarusa 2014

We're hEAR For You will be at this year's Wakarusa Festival June 5-8 2014 - Mulberry Mountain in Ozark, Arkansas. We will have containers of free earplugs and information at multiple points within the festival site as well as teaming up with Bassnectar & HeadCount to provide free earplugs at the HeadCount booth! Come stop by and grab some FREE EARPLUGS!